6 ways to give a touch of Cali Cool interiors to your home

Are you still relaxed and think that your home is well flourished. And, do you simply believe that your home is very pleasing to the eye? If yes, then you must see the reality with your own eyes. So, we are here to present the most accessorized style of Cali Cool interior. Have a look at our amazing California Cool collection.

Nothing can beat Off-white Color Simplicity

If you are interested in bringing Cali Cool interior to your house, then you must focus on the golden line decoration. Hence, it gives a very unique and authentic touch to your interior. Well, in Scandinavian design there are three techniques which are Radiance, voluminous and moderate. Therefore, “cali Coolness” should be the top priority to keep your adobe neat and in orderly manner. Furthermore, you will be surprised to see that working less in the house will lead to more productivity. Moreover, you will feel outstanding!

Cali Cool style is will give you the touch of seaside, lakeside and the feeling of abundance. If you want that your house looks even more spacious, then you must paint your walls with off-white paint. Have effectiveness of windows for the proper ventilation and sunlight and it’s better to avoid heavy curtains because it will not allow the sunlight to enter into the room.

Eye-Catchy Wood Flooring

It is the time for the second venture, if your home is already spacious then the Cali Cool raw material wood flooring will add a great texture and subtle contrast to home. Nowadays, there are different kinds of eye-catching woods which are durable and stylish like azobe, balata, goncalo alves, greenheart and many more and these stylish woods will stay lifetime on your floor. Wooden flooring is not restricted only to living room or bedroom, they can also be used in kitchen, bathroom and even on terrace.

California Cool is preferred during hot summer whereas Scandinavian design is about winters. But there is one thing common in both approach i.e. wooden furniture and wood stumps, which are used for decorating component and can, give home a real life. It is essential to keep the wood in pure and thick shades to give a proper texture to your Cali Cool residence.

Love for Rugs

Kaleen Rugs are one of the simplest and flexible items to decorate with California Cool interiors in the home. If your room is spacious, then rug is the one which gives an amazing look to the interior of your home. Hence, keeping Cali Cool décor simple and royal, a floor cloth which is beautifully designed with colors and patterns is the craziest way to use. No need to add extra items, a rug itself is sufficient in maintaining a room’s vibe.

Vintage Samarkand rugs or Moroccan Kilims are the two most beautiful rugs. Their unique texture including vivid hues and distinct ethnic vibe give them a perfect look in terms of simplicity and authenticity. It applies to your other textiles in your house such as blankets, towels and bed covers.

Rattan Chairs are pretty popular

Classic retro accessories and furniture are the two main components of California Cool décor. The rattan peacock chair is pretty popular and iconic vintage design. This rattan peacock chair has emerged from the East Asia and they were called peacock chair because of their flared back. They are also used in the photography and in prestigious houses and it always leave a powerful impression.

Seems like 19th century is a period still remember for its rattan designs and creations. Chairs like this became popular ad mad their way through routes to the United States and England. In 1960s and 70s, they became even more popular because they are used as photo-shoot props for the special actors of the era. Brigitte Bardot was the celebrity who was very fond and dedicated to the rattan-peacock-chairs.

Add “Wow” factor with Exotic Plants

California Cool is all about summers, so it is incomplete without the greenery. In 2017, exotic plants are famous home décor thing. The plants like Cacti, Palms and succulents are very easy to maintain and low in cost. With their fragrance and greenery they made the house looks even more beautiful and fancy. You can place them anywhere you want to such as staircase, drawing room or in a wall gallery. With exotic plants and rattan peacock chair, you can enjoy at being home.


Think Out of the box

Creating a funky, beach look at home is most popular trend going these days. Sunhat, surfing board and guitar gives a whole new meaning to your interior. It’s all about thinking outside the box. Surfing boards and sunhat doesn’t only look good at the sea, but also looks great as decorating element at your home. At the same time, they are also responsible for granting the natural and simple California Cool atmosphere. Using great rugs from Dalyn rugs company is amazingly effective for making our homes more beautiful.

Neon light is customized super decorative material which reminds of the classic beach bar. This will give your Cali Cool interior a cool and classy look and also place for your ease where you can relax easily.

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15 Fabulous Tips to Identify the Oriental Rugs

Finding the original rug is your ultimate objective while purchasing it. You have the same aim if you think of buying an oriental area rug. Hence, this article will tell you 15 ways to identify the oriental rugs.

  1. Hamadan is one of the types of rugs that is manufactured in more than hundred villages of Iran. It has a symmetrical (Turkish) knot tied to it. These carpets have cotton wefts and warps. You can find a row of wefts in the every row of knots. Hamadans have a simple fringe at end of it. It has webbing on the other end, but no fringe.

  2. You can find many of the oriental rugs from Iran having barber pole. It may also be multicolored. Name of these rugs are Qashqa’is, Kamsehs and Afshars.

  3. Afshars come in square sizes often. You can tie it with either symmetrical or asymmetrical knots.

  4. Cochineal is a red color dye with a purple or bluish hue. It is derived from an insect. You can find it in the different Persian rugs such as Kermans and Masheds and occasionally in Afshars. Cochineal was the component of old Indian oriental rugs as well. Karabaughs are the Caucasian rugs are that most commonly contain cochineal.

  5. How you will distinguish modern Indian rugs from Pakistani rugs? Well, it is easy! Contemporary Indian rugs have a heavy body, big weft threads and it also has stiff handle. Also, you have to keep in mind that selvages of these rugs are not the integral part of it. It is added after the rugs are woven.

  6. Manchester Kashans is another type of oriental rugs. These rugs were made in the Kashan at the time century changed. Manchester Kashans are made of the machine spun wool Marino sheep. There are two signs you should look for in order to identify these rugs; first one is that it has wool pile that is quite soft. Another one is that it has their single-wrapped magenta silk selvages.

  7. Turkmen rugs weaver tie it with asymmetrical knots. However, Yomuds from this category is tied symmetrically.

  8. Bidjars are the heaviest rugs in the world. You can use this point to identify this type of oriental rugs.

  9. As the name suggests, Armenian Immigrant Rugs are manufactured by the immigrants. One of the easiest ways to find these rugs is that it has hanging devices sewed at the backs of the rugs. It is also small in size, have cloth loops and it also has full pile.

  10. You can differentiate between the old Turkish rugs and other tribal rugs by looking at their wool weft threads. Turkish rugs don’t have their wool weft threads twisted.

  11. If you find some of the dalyn area rugs having synthetic dyes, then it is made after 1865. On the other hand, if it has natural dyes, then it may have been manufactured sometime in past 3,000 to 5,000 years.

  12. Some people think of Lillihans and Hamadans being same. The reason of this confusion is that both of it have Sarouk-like designs and both are woven of cotton foundation with single weft. But, Lillihans rugs have an asymmetrical knot and Hamadans have symmetrical knot.

  13. Hamadans and Kurdish rugs also the types of oriental rugs that have similar designs often. However, Hamadan rugs are manufactured on cotton and Kurdish ones are on a wool foundation.

  14. Red or pink wefts on Qashqa’is rugs can help you in finding the right one of it.

  15. And you can identify Romanian rugs with their light blue wefts.

So, these are some key points you must remember while choosing an oriental rugs. You can share it with us in comments, if you know some more ideas that are not listed in this write-up.

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You’re Guide to 5 Best Rugs Brands in USA

Best is the word that relates a thing with higher category. It ensures that you are discussing about something that is of utmost quality. Just like every product, best rugs are available for you in the market. Lots of famous brands offer it to you.

So, is it not good if I tell you about best rugs brands? Why not? It will help you in purchasing finest quality area rugs. Thus, let’s discuss the same in this article.

Dalyn Rugs

The first rug brand in our list is Dalyn rugs. It is the manufacturer that has been providing you with exquisite flooring for years. You can find rugs from dalyn perfect for your different parts of your home. The main characteristics of these rugs are that it is beautifully designed and has an amazing variety when it comes to the style. Also, if you prefer plain rugs with simple colors, then you can find dalyn being best rugs brand for you. You must see collection of dalyn rugs before selection of the right item for use.

Kaleen Rugs

Indians have a knack for weaving gorgeous rugs. They have been in this industry for more than three hundred years. It is the reason Indian rugs and Kaleen are popular in USA. Kaleen rugs is one of the best rugs manufacturers. They offer you rugs with fabulous colors and their designs can also mesmerize you with its beauty. Another salient feature of these rugs is that you can get it at a reasonable price. Furnish my place is the right place for you if want to order this brand of rugs.

Rugs America

Lots of people opt for native brands when it comes to purchasing rugs. You may also be one of them. Rugs America is the manufacturer for you if you think the same. They have been designing highest quality rugs for a long time. Their motto has been to keep the traditional American feel alive and they have been in keeping it intact. In other words, you can find feel of home in the rugs manufactured by them. This is what makes Rugs America the best brand in USA.

Rizzy Home

Rizzy home is another popular name in manufacturing rugs. Their work has been getting the appreciation from Americans since a long time. You can find a touch of modernism in the rugs manufactured by them. Also, they are not behind when it comes to keeping the traditional feel intact in their designs. You can also get these rugs in a fantastic variety of styles as well and can make your home look stunning. So, it is number four in our list of best rugs brands.

Kids Sports Rugs

Kids sports rugs and sports rugs pretty popular in USA. You or your kids may have this dream of decorating your home with cool sports rugs. Kids sports rugs is the manufacturer that offers you an excellent variety in it. You can also find these rugs being affordable for you.

That’s it in this write-up about best rugs manufacturers. You can visit our blog again to see more such posts about rugs. 

7 Major Advantages of Rugs

At times, you may not seem to get the right ideas when you think about changing the look of your home. Your choices may also get limited if you are low on budget. To help you get out of this tough situation, rugs can be ideal for you. So, let’s have a look at the advantages of rugs.

Rugs can make your place look beautiful

There is no doubt that rugs are a great accessory for you to decorate your room. It comes in a huge variety of designs and colors. You can get it in beautiful artistic designs, and charming textures of it can also mesmerize you. Furthermore, you can find plain and colorful rugs perfect for your home as well.

Rugs give you the feel of comfort

The second advantage of rugs is that it improves your comfort. It is evident that you may not feel pleased if you have to walk on tiled or wood floor during winter. Rugs from Kaleen rugs, products from Dalyn rugs, and many other manufacturers may give you warm and comfortable feeling during the winter. So, you can opt for a rug for your floor if you agree with us.

Rugs can be used for various purposes

Use of rugs is not limited to flooring only. You can use it on your walls in place of a painting. It will not disappoint you when it comes to grabbing the eyeballs of your guests. You can also use rugs on your tables and can make your bed headboard look modern as well as comfortable by attaching rugs to it. It is one of the major advantages of rugs.

Rugs absorb sound effectively

Making your home free of any unwanted sounds is one of your mottos. Floors made of tough material increase the noise in your home. It may happen due to footsteps, TV or due to kids’ play etc. Area rugs may prove helpful for you in reducing all such noise as it has amazing sound absorbing properties. It is another key advantage of rugs.

Rugs ensure safety for you and your kids

Hard and tough flooring is not ideal if you have kids in your home. Wood or tiled floors may prove troublesome for the kids if they fall while playing. You may experience the same if your floor is slippery at times. Rugs offer you safety from all of it. It provides you an extra layer between you and floor.

Rugs are easy to clean and maintain

One of the main advantages of rugs is that you can find it easy to clean it. Vacuum cleaning of rugs, washing it or beating it are some of the simple and cost-effective methods of cleaning it. Also, you don’t have to worry about rugs getting rusty or breaking like in the cases of wood flooring or tiled flooring. This way, it is long lasting as well.

Rugs can be purchased at low prices

From wood flooring to using tiles for flooring, all cost you much. However, you can buy rugs at low prices in comparison to the methods mentioned above. This way, you can also find it easy to replace with new rugs in quick time. It is one of the premier advantages of rugs. Indoor rugs are really good for the home.

Top 4 Rugs that will always be on Bucket List

There are many amazing mats available in the market these days. But people are still searching for collectible and vintage manifestations. Because the modern floor mats cannot replace the mind blowing hand execution. Retro floor mats are the things which will always be a part of trend.


It is made by the nomadic tribe from the middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco and Beni Qurain rugs are on our top list. These awesome ground mats are covered with Berbers and introduced by the modern designers in the mid-20th century and their names are Alvar Aalto, Le Corbusier, Charles and Ray Eames, Marcel Breuer and Arne Jacobsen. These designers have made the Beni Qurain rugs or kaleen rugs a definitive fashion accessory of mid-twentieth century flooring by giving it a marvellous touch, shaggy surfaces.

Once in a while everyone loves to move on a cushy heap. Hence, Beni Qurains is the best example for this. They are of different shapes and patterns of black and white colour and can easily mould into color palate and geometric patterns. Beni Quran rugs was more appealing when they are used with contemporary beautiful interiors and even more pleasing when used with the combination of eclectic and boho abodes. So, if you want give your home a unique and retro touch, then nothing can beat Beni Qurain.


Kilims and tribal rugs are the king of all tribal collection. When flat-woven and time-honored motifs are mixed together to give royal touch of rich colors and each color display the hidden stories of the borders. A Turkish kilim is the rug which sums up decoration with the qualities and positive energy. Using Kilims rugs is the best way to décore your house within the short time frame.  Kilims rugs give more beautiful touch when used with the sofas and wire coffee table. Hence, the ordinary Ikea goods gives a new look just as the Beni Qurains, Turkish flat is best for retro looks when they are used with the kilims.


Persian Rug is the first thing that comes to mind when we are talking about the classic rugs. He Iran is the place which is not only responsible for the greatest empire but also for the luxuriant carpet industries. The beautiful Kashan, Tabriz and Heriz rugs were the outcomes of the talented artist for producing the amazing and lavish designs. An authentic Persian Rug is worth enough to depict enduring and first class things. The simple and subtle colors are the perfect thing for accurate designs and Persian rugs looks even more stylish. All these materials and rugs gives deluxe touch in the house. According to latest fashion, Persian rugs are also used in the kitchen and people just loved it.


There are many talented artists such as Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom, Barbro Nilson and Judith Johansson are the biggest support for creating Scandinavian rugs and Swedish designs are the best example for iconic carpets. In 1950s when modernism took place at the phase artists are busy in creating the international interior design. Swedish Vintage rug does not require extra display and himself depicts the royalty with the help of geometric patterns. They must be a part of this modern era and gives a great combination in simple and sober styles including vintage or contemporary.

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4 Vintage Rugs that are still Hot Favorite

Every industry has offered something to the people that attract them even years later of its invention. The same applies to the rugs. There are few types of rugs that are old but still gold among the people. Flat woven Turkish kilim, shaggy Moroccan Beni ourain, Persian rugs and Swedish vintage rugs are four of those. So, through this write-up, let’s find out why these four types of rugs are still popular.

Flat-woven Turkish Kilim rugs

Turkey owns one of the oldest rugs industries in the world. Kilim rugs are the finest rugs this country has provided. These rugs are the perfect masterpieces that have captured older times in it.  The beautifully crafted designs on these rugs tell you much about the Turkish traditions and beliefs. The weavers have expressed their emotions and views well through the design of these rugs.  Kilims have attractive colors and excellent geometry. It can add class to your home no matter what type of your interiors are.

You may think that how traditional Turkish kilim rugs can suit the contemporary look of your home. However, these rugs have such phenomena that it look sophisticated with the modern furniture. Whether you put it on the table or use near the sofa, these masterpieces will work for you everywhere. One of the premier reasons these rugs look good in the modern or rustic décor is that it has vivid hues.  Moreover, as these antique kilim rugs have the vintage feel, so it is obvious that it would be perfect for you if you have vintage interiors.

Shaggy Moroccan Beni ourain

Shaggy Moroccan Beni ourain is of the most loved rugs. It is the work of nomadic tribe which weaved such rugs in the 17h century while living under the shades of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Although these Moroccan berber rugs has rich history of as long as 400 years, but these carpets reached the pinnacle of popularity in the 20th century. The contemporary designers such Charles and Ray Eames, Marcel Breuer, Alvar Aalto and many others are responsible to introduce the beauty of these Moroccan rugs to the world.

The finest features of Beni ourain rugs are that it has a shaggy texture. This texture makes you feel comfortable as you roam through your place. When it comes to colors, these beni ourain Moroccan rugs come in beautiful white and black colors. This way it could suit any type of furniture. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about matching the rugs with wall color as white and black color rugs can look delicate with any paint color.  So, you can simply choose a beni ourain Moroccan carpet when you think of purchasing rugs.

Swedish vintage rugs

You may have heard of or witnessed the beauty of Swedish designs. Just like its designing in everything, this Scandinavian country is not behind when it comes to rugs. The persons who have played key role in making the Swedish vintage rugs famous around the world are Barbro Nilsson, Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom and Judith Johansson. The rise of Scandinavian rugs happened in the 1950s with rise of modernism. Cut to today, these are one of the most sought after rugs throughout the world.

You may like Swedish rugs because these are aesthetic and have gorgeous colors tones. Also these are the carpets that come at a reasonable price. Although there is an exquisite variety of modern Swedish rugs, but we could recommend the vintage Scandinavian rugs as it could suit any type of interiors. Moreover, these rugs are available in an amazing variety; Scandinavian wool rugs, Swedish rugs crossword and Swedish rag rugs are some of those. You can also get the Swedish rugs in plastic.

Antique Persian rugs

The number four in our list of top four types of rugs is Persian rugs. It’s not like these rugs are no match for the ones mentioned above. Antique Persian rugs are actually called as the king of carpets. But, we are mentioning it at the last because the most beautiful things are kept for later. These rugs are crafted in Iran which is the birthplace of carpet industry and still manufactures finest rugs in the world. The most popular types rugs such Tabriz or Heriz rugs and Kashan rugs were produced in this very country.

Authentic Persian rugs add class to your home. It showcases its own beauty, instead of fusing with the furniture or other décor.  Hence it is a recommended that you must expose Persian carpets. According to the latest trends, you can use a Persian rug in the kitchen as well. But, make sure it is small in size.

So, these are the finest types of rugs that you can use to decorate your home. If you know other vintage rugs rugs or Dalyn rugs missing from this list, then you can share your views in the comments.









Creative Rugs Collection to Redecorate-Home

When we think to redecorate our home, we get a lot of questions about rugs which is best or suitable for us for solving this problem we described some steps to you.


Choice coordinate fabrics in Rugs:

When we think about rugs to redecorate our home first thing we have is Rugs and its fabrics. So we need to choose best and coordinate fabrics rugs collection which has quality and colour both of the things at furnishmyplace having lots of collection of coordinate fabrics rugs or kaleen rugs.


Step 2


Select Stylish rugs for your home area:


When we decide to choice rugs for our home so that second thing is a style which is the very important factor for us. Use or select that collection which has quality or style both like we have Dalyn rugs.


Step 3


Where to purchase the Rugs:

When we gather all the information and quality factor about rugs number third we cannot decide where to buy rugs. So in the USA we are the best quality rugs supplier and provide the best support to purchase the rugs collection.

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Five rugs to suit best in your house

 When we start searching the best collection of rugs so there is five best contemporary rugs collection we need to choose. Rugs are the best things to redecorate the floor of our house, whether it’s outside or in side of our home. Furnishmyplace have best five contemporary rugs or kaleen rugs for your home is:

Chandra Rugs:

Chandra rugs is use to change the contrast of the floor of our home, chandra rugs is always we need to change look and feel of outdoor area and indoor area of the home.


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Momeni Rugs:


We always like the color and momeni rugs is always known for the best color and its textured pattern we provide the best pattern  in best color and design like we have a purple color rugs which have lucrative pattern.




Kids Rugs:

Please never forget our children’s bed rooms and playing area it also need to redecoration in terms of rugs collection we at furnishmyplace have wonderful collection of kids rugs.

Kas Rugs:


Kas Rugs collection is known for handmade collection for the classic look in your house, it’s also be the best collection of rugs which you need to place in your home area.


Dalyn rugs:

Last not the least dalyn rugs is the largest manufactured in the world and the people always love to decorate our floor by dalyn rugs we are the best online store of dalyn rugs In USA.



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Redecorate your Living Room Area by Rugs collection from Furnishmyplace

In the year we always think about to change the decoration or the interior of our home, it may be the wall color or the home area it all about the changes to your home which you want to change time to time.

When all the decoration has been done then you think to redecorate your home area like flooring of your home, so that is not possible to change your flooring of your home, so for this point of view we need to Decorate your home flooring by using Rugs, Kaleen Rugs, carpet this kind of flooring you need to change the look and feel of your home area.

When you think about to modify the color of your home, so you always think about to purchase the Kaleen Rugs online. There is a different kind of online store is available and provide the rugs collection to the buyer but the best online store to purchase the rugs in the USA so you need to go with the we always provide the best quality rugs collection to our customers in affordable price.

We have different Rugs collection like:


 Rugs collection:   

We have varieties of rugs for change your flooring by using different Trendy of color full area Rugs which is used to decorate your indoor or outdoor area we have USA Rugs collection, Indian Rugs collection, Trendy Rugs collection and more.

Dalyn Rugs:

We also have the varieties in the rugs collection which we provide to our online buyers in affordable price which change the way of your home area.

Tayse Rugs:

Tayse Rugs collection is always your first choice, and we are the best dealer in the same we also have the handmade rugs who made by the human handmade, so it’s very nice to use in your home area.

Kaleen Rugs:

One of the best Rugs we always want it in our home area which is Kaleen rugs this is also the best way to change the look and feel in your home, we also provide the best Kaleen Rugs online.

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Know the Difference Between Bedroom Rugs and Living Room Rugs

In today's time, rugs are the finest accessory to decorate your home. It come in beautiful colors, give you a touch of comfort as it is made of the soft clothes and it gives luxurious touch to your home.


However, not every rug could suit every place of your home. Hence, you may not be able to decorate your home in the ideal way if you are not aware of putting the right rug in the right room. As a leading kaleen rugs seller in US, we will try to give you an idea of the difference between bedroom rugs and living room rugs.


Bedroom rugs


Bedroom is the best place for you to relax. There you enjoy the color and lighting that soothe your eyes. Your soft and warm beds improve the level of comfort for you. You can surely improve it if you add some bedroom rugs to your room.


As per the experts, you should opt for hand-knotted area rugs as it could give a comprehensive and calm look to your room. When it comes to the rug metarial, wool, cotten and silk could give you the desired feel of comfort. Calm and lovely colors such as beige and moss green could be a great for your bedroom.


It is possible that colors could entice you much. However, adding colors to the walls and beds could not make much difference. You should use throw pillows in bright colors, should add wall frames and should use rugs in rich colors. Furthemore, it is also a must for you to choose the right shape of rugs for  you bedroom. The ideal shape of rug would be the opposite of your room furniture.


Living Room rugs


Lots of people prefer full of designs and full of artworks rugs and carpet for their living room. It is good thing as well because you want to make yoiur living room lively. However, it is a must for you to not go over the top while choosing the rug designs and artworks.


You should surely choose colorful and well-designed rugs for your wall. But, make sure it does not take too much space on your walls and portaits an art if it is a work of art.


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